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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Nutritional “Authority” Is Irrational About Fats

An editorial in the BMJ Open Heart (An open access, peer reviewed, online-only journal dedicated to publishing research in all areas of cardiovascular medicine) stunned me, not because what it said surprised me, but because four cardiac surgeons and professors co-wrote that it’s time to treat diabetes with high fat rather than meds. Now, the very interesting


For the Undecided – Why I’m With Hillary Clinton

I had two friends ask why I like Hillary for president. Neither one likes her but can’t decide. You mean, not everyone has already chosen? So I’m going to share, succinctly, why I caucused for Hillary Clinton in Iowa and will vote for her in the national election. I’m not trying to persuade you. I’m giving you


Iowa Caucus 2016 – It’s About the Women

I live in Iowa. We have the first-in-the-nation caucus. That means we get lots of attention from candidates for a few months; then it’s crickets and tumbleweeds the next 4 years. We don’t matter. We seldom predict the winner, anyhow. We’re a purple state with one very liberal county. It holds the University of Iowa.


You Might Be a Trump Supporter If…

…you’re an evangelical Christian who ignores the morality you’ve spouted for 20 years when it comes to rich white men who “say what’s on their mind” to everyone not rich and white and male. …you somehow think you’re an “investor” who will profit when Trump gets appointed CEO of the American brand, tries to leverage his building plan, and finds he can’t


Why You Can’t Lose Weight – You Need to Be Intermittent Fasting

You’re counting calories, cutting carbohydrates or fat, exercising regularly and you haven’t lost a pound in weeks or months. It makes no sense, right? I’ve seen this over-and-over. Getting lean requires four things: healthy nutritious food, good sleep, low stress, and regular activity. So I tell my clients to quit counting calories and quit working out


Make Your Menopause Primal

A two-year study (which is pretty long for a dietary study) found a paleo diet had greater beneficial effects vs a high-carb, low-fat diet with regard to fat mass, abdominal obesity, and triglyceride levels in obese postmenopausal women. If you’re a postmenopausal American woman, you’ll probably die from a heart attack. Know why? Because the poor lifestyle you’ve been living


As If I Had a Plan

I’ve done many things in my life, and now I’m looking into getting my MS degree. Even before I was a certified personal trainer, I read a lot about exercise and nutrition. Since I was certified four years ago, I’ve re-certified, completed continuing education, group trainings, and workshops. But I’m just not getting all my questions answered.


Leave the Herd – 5 Years Paleo

Recently Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple created a certification, which I’m in the midst of completing. The material is dense, with tests covering things like biochemistry and statistics as well as the primal foods and rationale. I’m now 5 years paleo (actually primal more than paleo), fat-adapted, and intermittent fasting. I began the certification because I’m tired


Amazon Author Rankings and Being Ranked 56

For me the hardest part of being an author is dealing with the aftermath. The joy is in the writing, and I even enjoy the editing process and don’t mind too much dealing with presses. But those months/years of meticulously building the worlds and written relationships is ecstasy! Of course, I want people who like


You Didn’t Sacrifice Yourself for the Children

Your kids are becoming independent. You’re nearing the end of those intensive nurturing years. This is when you begin to recognize what you sacrificed. You’ve sacrificed so much of yourself — your ambitions and dreams — and it may be hard for you to admit. No, I’m not saying you sacrificed yourself for the kids. What


How to Keep Your Muscles Young

[reblog from New Moon Fitness] Interesting new study from the Skeletal Muscle Journal (“The endogenous molecular clock orchestrates the temporal separation of substrate metabolism in skeletal muscle”) found a protein that has some responsibility for the aging of our muscles and that may be affected by how we manage our circadian rhythms. Losing Muscle as We Age You


Quiz – Are You Lesbian?

Is she or isn’t she? You can find out with this scientifically (albeit old) scale designed by Alfred Kinsey in 1948. You can go take the Kinsey Sexuality Scale Quiz here.  It seems pretty accurate to me, although some people complain the questions aren’t really clear or that the quiz rates no attraction vs no aversion in a