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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Leave the Herd – 5 Years Paleo

Recently Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple created a certification, which I’m in the midst of completing. The material is dense, with tests covering things like biochemistry and statistics as well as the primal foods and rationale. I’m now 5 years paleo (actually primal more than paleo), fat-adapted, and intermittent fasting. I began the certification because I’m tired


Amazon Author Rankings and Being Ranked 56

For me the hardest part of being an author is dealing with the aftermath. The joy is in the writing, and I even enjoy the editing process and don’t mind too much dealing with presses. But those months/years of meticulously building the worlds and written relationships is ecstasy! Of course, I want people who like


God is a Girl – Playlist Favorites

GOD IS A GIRL – GROOVE COVERAGE Remembering me, discover and see All over the world, she’s known as a girl To those who are free, their minds shall be key Forgotten as the past, ’cause history will last God is a girl, wherever you are Do you believe it, can you receive it? God


You Didn’t Sacrifice Yourself for the Children

Your kids are becoming independent. You’re nearing the end of those intensive nurturing years. This is when you begin to recognize what you sacrificed. You’ve sacrificed so much of yourself — your ambitions and dreams — and it may be hard for you to admit. No, I’m not saying you sacrificed yourself for the kids. What


How to Keep Your Muscles Young

[reblog from New Moon Fitness] Interesting new study from the Skeletal Muscle Journal (“The endogenous molecular clock orchestrates the temporal separation of substrate metabolism in skeletal muscle”) found a protein that has some responsibility for the aging of our muscles and that may be affected by how we manage our circadian rhythms. Losing Muscle as We Age You


Quiz – Are You Lesbian?

Is she or isn’t she? You can find out with this scientifically (albeit old) scale designed by Alfred Kinsey in 1948. You can go take the Kinsey Sexuality Scale Quiz here.  It seems pretty accurate to me, although some people complain the questions aren’t really clear or that the quiz rates no attraction vs no aversion in a


Now for 3D Modeling

Back in the day when we had to build Adobe Photoshop effects ourselves with alpha channels, along came Alien Skin’s Eye Candy. What a revelation it was. I can’t imagine what the product does now. I ran across it by chance when I was researching 3D modeling programs. I think I’m going with Maya LT. I’ve been


The Webcomic and Other Musings

Oh how I miss the days doing the Darklaw webcomic. I was posting some samples from back in the day — “the day” being 2012. You can see them over at the new Darklaw Saga website. Damn, but how I wish I had another 12 hours in every day! So many plans. Plans to finish


Darklaw Saga Website

DARKLAWSAGA.COM A whole website devoted to the Darklaw Saga, where you can find updates as I complete the trilogy. Also included will be WIP (work-in-progress) vignettes Completed stories set in the Darklaw universe that you’ll find nowhere else Mockups and Drafts of ideas as I work Complete Illustrations    


Because ENFP

Fun with the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)   Harry Potter   Battlestar Galactica Star Trek Babylon 5


Small Sins – Delicate Fire (Part 1 of 3)

[VIEW THE ENTIRE STORY AT STRANGE FLESH PRESS ] Delicate Fire is a work of fiction (copyright © 2015 Teresa Wymore) When Tommi arrives on Macenia to investigate the most recent of a series of murders, she succumbs to the seduction of Amira, a darkly exciting woman offering passion in exchange for capsules of the dust studied at


A-to-Z Challenge – HEA Endings & the Lie of Monogamy

I’m reblogging this from Strange Flesh Press. It’s a particular irritation to me because I don’t write — or often read — HEA endings, —————————————- If you’re a genre author writing in romance or erotic fiction, you know. Oh, you know. Romance publishers demand you write HEA (happily-ever-after) endings to your stories because they say


Why I Hate Easter

Easter will likely be problematic for me for the rest of my life. It’s never been my favorite holiday, but it became one of great sorrow in 2008. That Easter, Steven Sueppel murdered his wife, four young children, and committed suicide. He had been charged with embezzlement from a bank in Iowa City and was


A-to-Z Challenge – Crashpad Series

I’ll be posting on Strange Flesh Press all month. I’ll xpost a few selected articles here, as well. Today, I thought I’d share a terrific LGBTQ porn site you may be not be familiar with. Also all month at the SFP blog you’ll have the opportunity to win free books when you visit. Because porn isn’t