Homeschool Civics 101


Studying the US Constitution for homeschool and looking at the powers granted Congress. My son made the point Congress is all about the money. 

First 5 powers of Congress as listed in order:

1. Can take money from citizens (taxes)

2. Can get credit (establish a national debt)

3. Can regulate money inside and outside the nation (taxes, tariffs)

4. Can determine who it can take money from (who is a citizen and who can declare bankruptcy)

5. Can make money and decide what it’s worth.

And you think our government is all about Freedom of Speech. No, Freedom of Speech is way at the end. In an addendum. Oh, you thought the Bill of Rights was like a whole document in itself? Addendum. 


Darklord – The First Illustration WIP 2


12 hours in and I think this one is going to take me longer than expected. And I’m glad, because I’m enjoying it a lot. Had to get more supplies from Dick Blick. How I love that store!

I progressively build up the shading and highlighting. Building the detail is what I love, which is why I’m not fond of working with media such as watercolors or ink, where you need to get your look with the first stroke. Not to say I don’t like that media. I like it and admire those who do it well.

Darklord – The First Illustration WIP


The first illustration from Darklord is underway. This is 6.5 hours in and I expect it to take about 25+. I haven’t roughed in the background yet.

For Darklaw I worked smaller and mainly in pencil and then edited in Photoshop. Now, I’m happy to be back to charcoal. For the kind of detail I like, I need to work much larger when working with charcoal. This is 18″x24″ textured paper.