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LFAE 2015Discover more about lesbian (femslash , F/F) fiction during KT Grant’s Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event. This is my third year posting, and this year I’m posting not as an author but as a publisher.

My post is a little reflection and a little business.

This is my third year posting with the Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event. I’m so grateful for KT’s blog and focus each January. I’ve shared, learned, and met new friends each year. I’ve posted as an author in the past. This year, I’m posting as a publisher of lesbian erotica.

I’ve been disappointed with the amount of lesbian erotica available. But maybe I should qualify that. I’m disappointed with the amount of lesbian erotica written for women. That is not fan fiction. That is crafted by a professional. That is edited. (Oh, we’re all a little cynical these days, aren’t we?) So last year, I decided the world needs more quality lesbian erotica. And I was correct. You do. You need more lesbian erotica. Trust me.

Because pleasure is empowering.

Because, particularly for women, sex is complicated by the dangers of objectification and shaming. Because sexual pleasure is still largely the domain of men and male-identified women — theirs to define, to narrate, to experience. But as women experience pleasure, we become more creative and more confident. When we know the ecstasy of our bodies — our female bodies — in and for themselves, rather than in relation to male bodies and male ecstasy, we are free. We are powerful.

This is why I started Strange Flesh Press in 2014.



Love Spanks – Celebrate F/F Fiction

lovespanks-amazon-2015It’s not all about spanking. Unless you want it to be.

I’ll be participating in Anastasia Vitsky’s Love Spanks, a celebration of F/F romance and kink (and erotica, if I get my way, though *sigh* Ana does not often let me get my way). Visit her blog and Facebook pages to read free fiction, share opinions, and win stuff, like a swag basket from me! Yes, it will include chocolate and smut.

I’ll be offering a few giveaways along with many other authors and publishers. The online event happens February 6th-8th.

Prizes, free stories from award-winning authors, and fun!
Don’t you wish you could find more books written about women who love women? We do! Come and join us for a short story extravaganza. Nearly 20 F/F authors will showcase romance, paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, and kink fiction. Chat with your favorite authors, meet new-to-you authors, find great new books, and make new friends! Absolutely free!

Visit Governing Ana February 6-8, read stories, and leave comments to enter a drawing for a brand-new Kindle Fire/Nook HD, sex toy, or other prize from a pool valued at over $800!

Go see what’s it’s all about! 

Darklaw – Now Available in Print

SFP FLESH SPIRIT Darklaw- WymoreIt’s here!! 400 pages and more than 21 illustrations. It’s pretty cool. You should really get yourself one.

From Strange Flesh Press:

We love science fiction and fantasy. Who doesn’t? (BTW…send us more erotic sff submissions!)

Darklaw is the first release in our Flesh & Spirit line. Darklaw is an epic fantasy with characters driven by revenge, lust, and hope.

AVESTINE speaks for the gods. She wants her empire back and her brother dead. ROOK kills for the gods. He wants to keep Avestine safe from all harm, including the harm she does to herself. KAMI doesn’t believe in the gods and doesn’t know what she wants. She’s the daughter of a whore and naïve to few things, except the ferocious power coming to life within her—a power that will one day eclipse her legendary companions and usher in the end of the world.

Kami has come looking for a hero. What she finds is an outlaw with a vicious agenda. Despite her disillusionment, Kami can’t seem to free herself from Avestine’s power. No one can. What compels Kami compels the world. Until it doesn’t. With time and the machinations of Avestine’s mad brother, the world is changing. Kami is changing. Only one decision remains: seek peace or seek freedom. The world will never have both as long as the gods are alive in the world.

Please note this is for mature readers only. The story includes explicit sex, nonconsensual sex, drug use, and war violence. You’ll find more than 21 illustrations (some erotic) and a short story prequel, “Hold Fast the Reins.”

This is our first print release, available for purchase through Amazon. As it becomes available through other sites, we’ll post those, too. You can read the first chapter and view a few of the illustrations on the book’s information page HERE.

Where to buy:
Purchase at AmazonPurchase at Createspace




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