Teresa 2018

Teresa in the training studio 2018

I used to have a network of websites — 3-5 at any one time. This website is an attempt to merge them all in one place to make it easier for me. I kept my interests divided online to help visitors interested in particular subjects find and stick with me. I’ve changed my mind.

You’ll find here posts related to a personal training website, a webcomic website, and a personal blog. The social links in the menu include more websites, like my stories, ketogenic research, and my training resume.

If you like my fitness posts but are put off by my erotic writing, or if you like my reflections on family but don’t want to know about my trans son, or if you like my discussions about LGBTQ but don’t want to read about polyamory, or if you like my information on exercise but don’t want to hear how I’m fueled by meat, I don’t much care. Parsing my life has become too much trouble.

And I’m a fucking genius. Just ask the friends I drink beer with every month.

Author & Illustrator & Concierge

darklaw webcomic epic fantasy lgbt

Darklaw on Kindle

You can find my short stories and books at my Amazon author page link in the menu  or click here. I’ve published mainly lesbian erotic short fiction but am currently in the middle of an epic fantasy trilogy that includes a novel, webcomic, and choose-your-own-adventure — the Darklaw Saga.

It all started with Marvel’s Tarzan and Savage Sword of Conan (SSOC) when I was 10. I once wrote a letter to the editor of SSOC complaining about the way the artists drew warrior men vs warrior women: the women were all limp-armed and big-boobed, even Red Sonja. How the hell could these women even lift a sword, let alone fight? The letter was published and the editor apologized, but “that’s the way the artists were used to drawing.”

Well, I could have pointed out the other ridiculous things, like Conan in a loin cloth with a fur hood in arctic weather or any battle armor that left abs bare. But I was a kid and a girl and wanted the same ridiculousness for the female heroes as for the male heroes.

So I started doing it myself, learning to pencil and ink from artists like John Buscema, Ernie Chan, and Alfred Alcala.

I’m a facilitator of a graphic novel & comics creator group in Iowa City, The Paneled Room. If you live in the Iowa City area and like to create, write, and/or illustrate comics, check us out the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. More information can be found at The Writers Rooms.

Personal Trainer & Paleo Health Coach

After spending a decade of the Wild West years of the web both designing and programming, I became a personal trainer and opened my own studio, New Moon Fitness. I train women, men, and kids. I provide 1-on-1 sessions and small groups for strength training and conditioning. I’m certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and gained my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1) credential. I was obese once and lost over 80 pounds through paleo living. Now I’m primarily carnivore and my preferred work out is CrossFit.

Kids & Teaching

teresa wymore and kids

Biking with my kids in 2013

I became a mom late in life. My kids are the best thing that ever happened to me. I homeschooled them when younger, dual-enrolled them later, and they are currently in a public high school full-time and doing marvelously. The best years of my life were being home with them when they were young. If heaven exists and we have any say in what it is, I know I’ll be sitting on my living room floor, listening to Christmas music, while playing Legos, puzzles, or drawing with my 5- and 6-year olds for eternity.

After having my own kids, I found I loved working with other kids. I started as a substitute paraeducator in Iowa City. I still can’t believe they pay me to do recess, where I see to the safety, fairness, and fun of 5-12 year olds.

I’ve also tutored kids in math, mainly high schoolers doing pre-calculus classes, because I don’t remember a lot of calculus. Just ask my kids.

Daoist & Catholic

I called myself Catholic too long. I have always been Daoist but didn’t realize it until after I had my children.

LGBTQ & Polyamory

I’m a lesbian married to a man, whom I love deeply. I have polyamorous relationships with women. I share this kind of information so that you know you’re not alone if you don’t fit the box you were given. Life is Big.


This is where I get right with the world. Call it meditation, zen, heaven-on-earth, or just a really good work out. It’s clarifying.

Astrology & Piano

I have studied natal, progressions, transits, psychological, evolutionary, horary, and harmonic astrology for nearly 40 years. If you think astrology is ridiculous, you better be an atheist and not a believer in some eternal invisible parent…or just shut the hell up. Some of my best friends are atheists. I wish I were.

teresa natal chart astrodienst

My chart from astro.com (their default uses Koch houses).

I was born 10/06/1964 at 12:29am (DST) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I was the second of twins. I prefer the Placidus, but have experimented with other house systems. My natal Mercury in Libra is conjunct my nadir within 15 minutes in the 3rd house. I have a new moon chart, with my natal Sun and Moon conjunct in Libra in the 4th House. I’m curiosity, communication, and creativity incarnate. Now you understand why I have this website.

Part of my creativity is music. I play piano and have taken lessons for a decade. I’m not very good.