Avestine’s Palace Floor Plan

Click for larger image. Started in Ye Olde Mapmaker, finished in PhotoshopIf you have checked out the ancillary documents, you know I do a lot of background for my world. It’s necessary to a degree, but I also enjoy world-building so much, I go the extra mile.

I got ahold of some generating apps that help me create the cities and even the buildings for Darklord. I really enjoyed designing Avestine’s quarters at Castlebejel with Ye Olde Mapmaker. It’s an iOS app I used on my iPad Pro. I had to export and do some additional things in Photoshop to get what I wanted, but a great place to start.

I also have used Strategery Games City Generator (great for supplying background population and interactions) and Medieval Fantasy Games Generator (great for a general idea of the city’s directions and major roads) and Donjon Medieval Demographics Calculator (similar to Strategery but more of a summary) to create the main cities you’ll see in the webcomic. Each of these generators provides a little something the others don’t. Altogether, I have a well-rounded world from which I can pull out details as I write.

I used to draw my own world and adventure maps when I was campaigning…long before computers and generous app developers came along. The Darklaw map you see in my ancillary documents was done the old fashioned way.


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