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Halloween 2018 – Velma Forever

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s not the same kind of fun now that my kids are in high school. They don’t have school parties or go trick-or-treating anymore. But I’m still Velma. I’m Velma forever. I’ll get to wear my costume to CrossFit tonight for our Halloween partner work...

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I Have a Trans Son So Shut the Hell Up

I usually avoid talking politics. Years of family and social media conflict have shown me political beliefs are based on tribal identity. It’s more about being part of a team than individual analysis. Most people can’t give a rational argument for their choices. And when I run into a person...

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Public vs Private Life – Moon Nodes in the Houses

I go back and forth between house systems. Sometimes one fits better than another. I won’t go into the way the house systems are determined. Other sites can give you the detailed logic — usually based on your birth location’s distance from the Earth’s poles (this is the science behind astrology)....