Critics of the Carnivore Diet

I review the literature now and then to see if there is new research that suggests I should modify my diet choice.

There isn’t.

But I’m running into op-ed pieces and alternative diet communities who are quoting the “experts” as always. If your evidence for the risk of carnivore dieting is a doctor at Harvard or Mayo or an online article at WebMD or the USDA, you’re pretty low on facts.

Critics of the carnivore diet don’t have much to go on, with regard to science, I mean. There are plenty of authorities with credentials who tell us the same old story:

  • meat leads to greater risk of disease
  • you’re lacking necessary nutrients, like fiber and vitamin c
  • you’re destroying the planet with herd animals
  • your diet is cruel but a plant-based diet is not

Yes, you can get vitamin C from meat…and you actually absorb it. ((c) Georgia Ede)

They never tell you the research to look up because the research they relied on for those ideas has been debunked as fraud and manipulated by industry. Here are some reads on each of these points:

Low-Carb Kills

As for the health aspects of different diets, a rather new study on the deaths of low-carb eaters has been passed around, and it’s abysmal.

If you’re using the  “Dietary carbohydrate intake and mortality: a prospective cohort study and meta-analysis” in your discussions with friends, online, or for your own decisions, please go read how they actually did this “study.” Georgia Ede, one of my favorite plant-based diet critics, has a good article “Latest Low-Carb Study: All Politics, No Science“.

Dr. Ede has lots of terrific information on her website and this analysis on how animal foods are necessary for brain health:

Your brain needs animal fats

georgia-ede-meat-brain-omega 3 dha

(c) Georgia Ede

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