Darklord Title Design

Despite my failures this weekend — still figuring out Procreate — I managed to settle on a title for Darklord. As I mentioned earlier, graphic design is a different beast from illustration. I love the creative challenge of both. It’s for you to say which I’m better at, but I’m happy with my results. As for my failures…

wymore darklaw webcomic epic fantasy lgbt

What were those failures?

The fact that I haven’t figured out how to constrain a Procreate layer when I select it and wish to rotate but NOT size. In other words, I was working on a layer I had selected and flipped only to find I had unknowingly resized it *slightly*. You know what that means. When I discovered my error 30 minutes later, I had done so much work there was no undoing all the steps. And of course, sizing it back to original size left all the ink lines blurred. The entire page is ruined.

And yes, I had saved it before, but despite my hundred previous saves this one save failed! It feels like a conspiracy. I threw my tea across the room and called it quits for the day.

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