Darklord Update – Knowing What You Really Want

webcomics comics lgbt epic fantasyThe holidays have started. They crept up on me this year, which means keeping Darklord on schedule is already difficult.

But no matter. It is what it is. I’m finding satisfaction working on the story when I can, while not stressing when I can’t. Years ago, when I started posting online, I found myself feeling pressure to produce regularly and often. Of course, we all know that consistency and frequency are important to maintain a following.

At one time, I thought I could make a living publishing novels or stories or comics. After a decade of publishing shorts traditionally, then self publishing, I realize several things must line up for such a life to come to fruition:

  • You must have a product of interest to enough people with enough money
  • You must produce the product consistently enough that they don’t forget you
  • You must manage the marketing aspects of the product yourself or through an agency you hire

Not going to happen for me.

My webcomic is highly niche — erotic lesbian epic fantasy has about 20 fans and none of them are will to pay for it. I’m joking! I know there are 23 of you and you even buy a book now-and-then. Also, I have so many intellectual interests and physical activities, I’m not willing to spend hours every day sitting and writing. Nor am I going to hire anyone, nor spend hours trying to understand SEO and whip up social media contests.

But realizing what I get out of this enterprise has helped me stress less. Feedback and money don’t motivate me. Not to say I don’t love both because, honey, I do! But my motivation is internal. Especially with the webcomic: I’m finally realizing a childhood dream, creating my own comicbook. The crafting of it is where the joy is, not really the product, although I’m proud to see it every time I add another page. One day, I’ll have it in print, and I’m really looking forward to that.

I have a new page at the Darklaw Saga Website. The next few pages will be erotic content.


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