Halloween 2018 – Velma Forever

apocalypse velma teresa wymore

My kids promised before they quit trick-or-treating we would have one year where we all were the Scooby gang. They’re all liars. No one will complete my Scooby gang, so here is Velma, keeping the world safe on her own!

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s not the same kind of fun now that my kids are in high school. They don’t have school parties or go trick-or-treating anymore. But I’m still Velma. I’m Velma forever. I’ll get to wear my costume to CrossFit tonight for our Halloween partner work out. But no parties. And considering the subject, I’ll have to change before we hand out treats at home.

I learned the first year in our neighborhood that Halloween has become a “fun” scary not truly scary time. When we had giant spiders, a graveyard, and skeletons in our yard the little kids wouldn’t come to our door. The following year, we put up cartoon Frankenstein, and now we get all the little ones. I love how excited they are for free candy.

My oldest, when he was 5, went on his first trick-or-treat and was so excited when the neighbor gave him candy, he just wanted to race back home and eat it. When we told him all the neighbors would give him candy, he began his decade of yearly marathons. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stayed this trick-or-treater from filling his bag.

halloween-2018-romulan-teresawymoreMy oldest still cosplays, so he dressed as a Romulan for school today. He’s so bold…going to 10th grade in costume. He amazes me.

This will probably be my last year as “Apocalypse Velma.” I’m thinking next year will be “CrossFit Velma.” I have ideas. First, I’ll need a red deadlift belt and orange sports bra. It’s coming together…


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