Handstand Practice Routine – Oh Yes You Can

I’m getting serious about handstands. They have been a goal for me since I turned 50. In the intervening four years, I have been strength training and working on core and back strength a lot. Over 50 and added muscle and now adding skills. We’re told to expect to lose muscle as we age but we can also add it.

I’m now able to do handstand push-ups (HSPU) — another goal. Then I saw the athletes at the CrossFit Games this past summer handstand walking through obstacle courses and got soooo envious. I want to do that!

So I will, damnit.

My first attempt at handstands. Working a routine several days a week.

CrossFit Gymnastics (I follow CFG on Instagram) has a routine I’ve started, although I modified a part of it to match what my box does. The first routine is kicking off the wall. The CFG routine has you facing away in a regular HSPU pose. At my box we face the wall. I like this better because it gives me more room to flair my legs. Yes, this is less strict, less gymnasticy and more CFy, but my goal is to walk not necessarily look pretty doing it.

See the Instructional Video:  https://www.instagram.com/p/BnMT3l1nWas/

3-5 Sets:
60 Sec Wall HS Balance (what my video is)
Rest 30 Sec
60 Sec Split Leg Box Drill
Rest 30 Sec
60 Sec Freestanding HS
Rest 30 Sec

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