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Page 1-2 of Tangledemon. Click to view at

So I have a slush of 5 pages, and I fear I may not be able to keep up the pace I have planned for posting pages to Darklord the Webcomic. But for now, you can see the first 2 pages of the first chapter, Tangledemon.

I’m happy with the process I’ve developed. I use an Apple pencil and utilize mostly the pencil/charcoal digital brushes in the Procreate app on an iPadPro. It is fantastic! I simply focus on drawing the whole page organically, and then I add in panel borders, text/balloons, and titles in Adobe Photoshop. Procreate is awesome for illustrating, but not for graphic design. That’s not  a complaint! I hope they don’t make the program cumbersome by trying to make it do everything, like Photoshop does. Photoshop is indispensable, but just a bitch to draw with.

I’ll have thumbnails posted in the left sidebar as I add them and post occasional comments on my pages here.


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  1. charmdatez says:

    The best app for drawing I’ve ever used. Sketch Adobe is good but this is better.

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