This Portfolio Page contains a variety of illustration and graphic design galleries but focuses on my epic fantasy trilogy, Darklaw Saga. Some images are meant for mature audiences.

  1. The first book, DARKLAW, is a print/digital novel with illustrations (available at Amazon).
  2. The second book, DARKLORD, is a webcomic, serialized here.
  3. The third book, DARKWAR, is a choose-your-own-adventure novel.

I post images at the Darklawsaga instagram account, too.

Darklord Roughs

Most of these are roughs for the webcomic or tests using different digital brushes and programs. Some are pages that will find their way into the finished comic. PROCESS: Digital drawing primarily with iPade Pro and Procreate.

Darklord Images

These are illustrations from the webcomic and graphic novel, ancillary documents for world development, and graphic designs. See the Darklaw portfolio for images important for the entire series. PROCESS: Digital illustrations using Apple iPad Pro and pen and Procreate, finished in Adobe Photoshop. Graphic designs in Adobe Photoshop.

Darklaw Images

These are illustrations from the print book, ancillary documents for world development, and graphic designs. PROCESS: Pencils or Charcoal illustrations on paper; Graphic designs in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Darklaw the Webcomic – First Release

These are pages from the original Darklaw webcomic that had a very short run. PROCESS: Ink on Bristol paper, scanned and finished in Adobe Photoshop.

Other Art

This is some of my art not related to Darklaw. It includes images from highschool to now. PROCESS: Mostly charcoal on textured paper.


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