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What’s Wrong With Protein as a Processed Food

What’s the value in consuming protein shakes and protein bars? To get more protein in our diets, you say. We all know by now that we need to focus on getting more protein if we want to feel satiated and lose fat, build muscle and strengthen our immune systems. What...


Everything’s not a matter of principle

I’m not a vegan. In fact, I call myself a carnivore. I eat mostly meat, few plants. If you read about Dao, you may find that odd. If you walk with Dao, you probably won’t. I’ve researched plant- vs animal-based diets for decades. Discussions often followed. And arguments. And unfriending....


World Carnivore Month – The Carnivore Diet

January 2018 is my Month of Meat. Also referred to as “zero-carb” or “carnivore”, going with an all-animal diet has a lot to offer. If you’re like most Americans, you have been brainwashed by “My Plate” — the political endeavors of the USDA and corporate lobbyists who have made you...