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Life is big, my stomach is not

Maintaining direction is tough, especially the more time I spend on social media or the web generally. I’ve always had a strong inner direction, personal interests that aren’t much changed (even if judged) by others, but as I get older, the world is actually getting bigger. That means I see...

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My 15-year-old knows everything

This week has been filled with conversations with my oldest child. The conversations are about his future, as well as opinions on everything I have to say about life. In other words, my 15-year-old knows everything. As I listened to him telling me I was wrong to think this or...

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We create the path as we walk it

Running into Daoist elitists is always a bit surreal. But I feel in good company. Zhuangzi was suspicious of “sages,” too. I’m reading a book about the globalization of Daoism and trying not to be disheartened by the bickering. Political battles are not of interest to me. But I am enjoying...