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Sex, Violence, World Domination, and Getting Blacklisted

I’m starting to get a rhythm with my webcomic, Darklord. Sex, violence, and world domination are underway. You can see the thumbs in the sidebar to the left. I have  a post write-up along with the pages, so if you’re interested in the process, you’ll find more information on that...

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Darklord Title Design

Despite my failures this weekend — still figuring out Procreate — I managed to settle on a title for Darklord. As I mentioned earlier, graphic design is a different beast from illustration. I love the creative challenge of both. It’s for you to say which I’m better at, but I’m...


You can have it all, just not all at once

There are those things you’re going to get around to because it’d be nice to do. But then there are those things you have to rearrange your whole life to make happen, so you have to cultivate patience before you can reach your goal. My goal of putting the Darklord...