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Glassman Educates the Doctors After Suing…Everybody

There are so many things to love about CrossFit. The WODs, of course. The camaraderie. The memes. But today I love most of all the lawsuits. Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit, is at war with…everybody. He’s gone after Reebok for business impropriety. He went after the National Strength and Conditioning...


Fit for Summer – Five Tips for Success

It barely feels like spring here in Iowa, let alone summer. But since it IS Iowa, you know it might be summer weather by the weekend. So be prepared. There’s nothing worse than shifting clothes from winter to summer when you’re fat. I know. I was obese for years. The...


World Carnivore Month – The Carnivore Diet

January 2018 is my Month of Meat. Also referred to as “zero-carb” or “carnivore”, going with an all-animal diet has a lot to offer. If you’re like most Americans, you have been brainwashed by “My Plate” — the political endeavors of the USDA and corporate lobbyists who have made you...