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Meeting of the Paneled Room in Iowa City

Meeting Topic: Character – Design & Expression We tell stories through characters. Simple, right? It’s more complicated than it sounds. Characters need to be consistent across pages yet diverse in their aspects. We’ll discuss how to create visual hooks & cues for consistency and how to use camera angles and expressions for diversity. Story, panel sheet, and time...

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Webcomic Creation – Settling on a Process

I’m amazed at the creators out there who just start a webcomic who don’t seem to go through this laborious process that I have. At least I don’t find creators posting much about their decisions. There are so many ways to do a webcomic! How do you decide which way...

wymore darklaw webcomic epic fantasy lgbt

Comic Title Design – Darklord Icon

I worked as a graphic designer for a number of years. I’ve made logos, brochures, packaging, business cards, banners, etc. It wasn’t until I started thinking about the Darklord title that I wondered who came up with the iconic titles I see on current comics. I don’t imagine it’s the...