The Paneled Room – Comics Creators Group in Iowa City

Our first Paneled Room meeting is tonight in downtown Iowa City from 6-8pm. This is a group of comics creators, meant for hobbyists to professionals. I’m excited about meeting new creators, discovering new comics, sharing process with others, and just sitting in a room with all that creative energy.

Are you an author or illustrator? If you are, you know how isolating the work is. I’ve always found it odd that creative work is some of the most isolating work there is. After I had children, and now that my main day work is service-oriented — personal training and supervising kids — rather than creating code, I’m happier. I’m rarely alone these days. I always thought I was an introvert, but I’m not. It’s just that my ambitions meant I had to do a lot of things alone. I hated it.

Although I’m published in several genres and still continually creating, I spend most of my days with people. But maybe a decade ago I would have felt less isolated if I had found a community like the Writers Rooms. If you’re a creator in eastern Iowa, consider attending one of the rooms to make connections, even just to share space with someone else who is creating alongside you even though you each have your own thing. It’s an amazing feeling to work alone yet not BE alone.

And if your genre is sequential art/writing, join us tonight at the Paneled Room.




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