Update – Ipad Pro with Procreate is heavenly, fuck Facebook, bless Instagram

I’ve been developing my new process for the Darklord webcomic soon to be appearing here. It will be all digital, relying on the new iPad Pro, Apple pen, and Procreate app.

wymore darklaw webcomic epic fantasy lgbtI’ve been using Photoshop since it didn’t have layers. That’s right, over 20 years…back when we had to create and manipulate alpha channels to make metal effects and such. I love Photoshop because it does everything. I started using it for graphic design (I worked for a screenprinter and then for a newspaper) but moved into digital painting and illustration. Over the years, it made many processes easier. Now it seems things are harder. And it was never a tool designed for the illustrator; we simply made do.

Photoshop needs a desktop. I hate sitting at a desk, one of the reasons I’ve been wanting to move to a digital pad. Sure, I tried a wacom, but it was so different from actual drawing on the thing you’re holding that I gave up. With the introduction of the iPad Pro, I figured my time had come. With recommendations from other webcomic creators, I paired it with Procreate, and sweet Jesus, it’s perfect for the illustrator.

I was fiddling with the ink brushes before I realized I should be fiddling with the pencil and charcoal brushes. Professional comics ink their pages and they are gorgeous. But I’m not much of an inker. My talent and true love is charcoal, so I’m sticking with that — in digital form. I don’t even miss the charcoal dust and black fingers that I’ve lived with since I was 10.

I’m using the 12.9 inch pad which I hesitated to get, but glad I did. Having a place to rest my hand helps, and I doubt I’d have that with the 10 inch.

About Facebook & Instagram

Sure, Facebook (FB) was a nice idea. It was a great way to stay connected to friends and family, sharing pics and events. But it’s turned to shit.

The problem? It’s a medium for the lazy. It’s all about click and share. It’s all about consuming, but not even consuming responsibly, not even annotating or commenting on the link you probably never even read. There is very little original content shared, and FB has no interest in promoting it anyway.

FB is for content consumers, but Instagram (yes, owned by FB) is for content creators. We should all be creators. Maybe your only creative spark is to share a selfie everyday — great! I love selfies from friends and family and strangers who are interesting. So much better than clickbait and Bot accounts and ignorant rants about posts you haven’t even read and don’t understand. If FB finds a way to click and share on Instagram, it will turn to shit, too, but I’ll stay until then.

I’ve been off FB personally for months now and I’m moving my pages away, too. FB doesn’t provide much in the way of publicity for business anyway, but keeps wanting ad money. Let me tell you, I spent over $2000 my first year advertising my personal training business and got absolutely no leads from it.

Come over to Instagram where you will be challenged to create something of your own.


The jury’s still out on Twitter. I found a way to mute keywords which keeps me from seeing most of political bot tweeting bullshit. And I follow a lot of comic creators and ancestral nutrition posters, as I do on Instagram.

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