Why Keto? Why Progress from Paleo to Low Carb

I just received Mark Sisson’s new book. As happens to many on Paleo or Primal diets, he progressed to a Ketogenic diet. (I have, too.) When Mark does something, he brings plenty of research along with it to share. This book has so much information and straight-forward steps to guide you, not to mention recipes. The summary below is the WHY of keto.

From Mark Sisson’s new book The Keto Reset Diet:

Ketogenic eating allows you to benefit from the extraordinary (and long scientifically validated) metabolic efficiency , general health, and longevity benefits of fasting, but without having to actually starve yourself. When you are starving, engaging in a purposeful fast, or adhering to a nutritional ketosis eating pattern, your cells prefer to burn fat and ketones. Fat and ketones burn efficiently and quickly in the body–they have been the preferred human fuels in our body for 2.5 million years of our hunter-gatherer existence.

On the other hand, the high-carb, high-insulin-producing Standard American Diet (SAD) causes you to burn glucose, a.k.a. sugar–the primary human fuel since the cultivation of grains and the consequent advent of civilization around 10,000 years ago. Glucose burns quickly and easily, but it also burns dirty via the excessive production of free radicals. Free radicals are the driving force behind inflammation, cancer, and accelerated aging. They are an inevitable by-product of living life–burning calories, breathing air, or absorbing sunlight–so you can’t avoid them, but concerns arise when free radical production is excessive. This happens when you introduce stressors like high-carbohydrate eating, excessive exercise, or adverse lifestyle behaviors such as smoking, alcohol or drug use, or having stressful personal relationships.

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