Why My Kids CrossFit and You Should Too

crossfit-kids-crossfit-wod-work-out-fitness-personal-training-coralvilleToday, I’m thinking about my kids’ fitness. They’re gamers and readers and academically gifted. Neither is into sports or healthy eating. I got them interested in CrossFit this summer watching the CrossFit Games and talking to them about my experiences at my box.

My teens (14, 15) have been with me at Exodus CrossFit in Coralville now for a month. All the coaches have been welcoming and attentive.  It. Is. Fantastic. I can’t explain how much I love that they’re putting in the effort.

As with most of us when we begin a fitness program, they were self conscious. They worried what everyone around thought of them. They worried they weren’t as good, couldn’t keep up. Of course, I told them no one is watching them but concerned with themselves. But who listens to that? No, we have to go through this gauntlet, see for ourselves, learn that everyone is focused on their own bodies because the workout is challenging and we’re all trying to improve ourselves.

What do you think?

I’m doing kipping HSPU after 7 months at my new box and after my 54th birthday. Booyah! (Sorry about the squeaking shoes)

After a month, they are starting to watch themselves more than others. They’re starting to see their own efforts improve and feeling pride when they get to change their PR board. They’re starting to challenge themselves and notice less what others are doing.

I pushed them to start CrossFit for the same reasons I do it:

  1. Fitness must become a habit. You need something you can do throughout life not at just one age. That means doing something besides sports, which end when childhood ends because few adults maintain teams that allow you to carry on your activity.
  2. CrossFit is functional and varied. It will build you for life’s demands but never bore you.
  3. CrossFit requires a camaraderie of diverse people. You will meet and work out beside and with people from all kinds of backgrounds, ages, abilities, and beliefs. What can you agree on, what do you share, and what do you leave outside the box so you can maintain your cohesion? This is an important balancing act in our culture.
  4. CrossFit will develop your mental toughness. You learn to endure, to push yourself through previous limits, and you learn to fail but not quit.

Of course, the best reason for me is CrossFit is just fun. I love lifting heavy shit. I love being able to lift and push my whole body off the ground. I love being able to run and jump and climb like when I was 8. I can do all that again after years as a sedentary adult.

I notice in my work as a paraeducator that kids never walk. It’s nearly impossible to get an 8 year old to walk down the hall. She’s running, skipping, hopping, twirling, etc. I get that. Do you? If not, maybe you need CrossFit.

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